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Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVR6020
Liquorice roots are natural and carefully selected. This must-have for non-smokers is recognized for its benefits on digestion and well-being...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM5808
The traditional Green Gum, the source of freshness which will clear the nose and soothes the throat. Perfect for a winter break !..
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823AS
A delightful range of mixed fruits candies. To enjoy all day long...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823CE
Cherry candy in a prestigious tin for a soft touch in summer as well as in winter. Try this wonderful sweet and you won't get rid of it...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823CA
Coffee is an cerebral stimulus, it allows to keep concentrate while driving, and at work. Its taste is a real pleasure and helps you feel like you are drinking coffee. It is your best friend for a long day...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823CI
Bitter and delicious at the same time, Rendez Vous lemon will give you the required power for a busy day !..
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823VE
Orchard fruits gather in a lovely tin plenty of flavour to be tried without moderation...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVM823TR
Close your eyes and try the litchi, kiwi, passion and mango fruits. You will find yourself transportated under the tropics, savour will be delivered in your mouth and you will feel a extreme gentleness !..
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVP5000
Anise comes from Middle East, and Mediterrannean islands, these seeds have been well-know for years. Roman saw it as a medicine plant which helped digestion.This candy has its little liquorice heart surrounded in an extraordinary anise flavour coating...
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVP9000
The cachous are small pastilles of pure oriental licorice which encourage good health and digestion. They are sugar free. Why not try them ?..
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVP7000
Some fresh seeds for a lemony-flavored breath. They are lightly bitter, which will crack the whip for a dynamic and full day !..
Brand: Rendez-vous Model: RVP2000
Liquorice is know in the pharmaceutical cooperative in European and English Community. Hepatic, expectorant, respiratory, and anti-inflammatory qualities are confered to liquorice..
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